Promote through LinkedIn

linkedin banner Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has grown beyond its original purpose of connecting professionals with potential clients and employers. While Facebook and Twitter can be (and definitely are) used for business, LinkedIn is specifically geared toward building valuable business connections. The professional social media site has also become a terrific business-to-business marketing tool. In addition, it’s likely that LinkedIn recommendations will be taken into account for search engine rankings in the future, similar to how Facebook Likes, Tweets and Google +1s are today. There are many benefits to building and using a LinkedIn company page, but it can be tricky trying to get started. A poorly planned LinkedIn company page is worse than no company page at all!

Once you’ve built a network of professional contacts on your own profile, it’s time to start promoting your company page. If you’ve been posting content your contacts find valuable, your contacts are more likely to be interested when you post about your company.  The key is to be genuine, instead of spamming links to your company page, or trolling your contacts to coerce them into following your company page. LinkedIn and other social networks aren’t just platforms for shoving links at the people foolish enough to have followed you in the first place. Building valuable relationships is how social media really works for business.


How can we help you?

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