7 Tips on How to Market on LinkedIn to Increase Your Network

You can definitely build your LinkedIn business plan from scratch, but these tips are a good inspiration for your online marketing campaigns. Check out the following seven key strategies for successful networking on LinkedIn.

  • Take advantage of a great profile picture. A well-crafted photo in your profile gives you double the exposure requests from people looking for a professional connection. If you’re trying to establish contact with a friend on LinkedIn, use the top photo to share your contact information along with the description of the relationship. You also have a better chance of making that friend’s network by adding a few recommendations to your personal profile.
  • Make sure you have a detailed bio. A professional networking profile is going to be your best marketing tool. Write a compelling summary of your work history, qualifications, experience and education. You may also want to include an overview of your personal profile to let other members know what you are about. This is especially important if you are hoping to connect with professional contacts.
  • Include a couple of good contact information. When searching for people to follow on LinkedIn, look at their name and click on “search.” A good contact list can give you an instant advantage over others.
  • Take advantage of business contacts and networking events. LinkedIn is a community with thousands of members and many are ready and willing to share information. Networking can help you increase your connections and create a more professional image for yourself. Look for any event that you can attend and be sure to use it as a vehicle to introduce yourself and to build your reputation.
  • Make sure you have your personal and business profiles listed separately. The majority of people search for your personal profile, not your business profile. If you have multiple pages on LinkedIn, only use one to build a reputation. In addition to increasing your chances for increased searches, having multiple profiles helps you present a more professional look online.
  • Social Networking. LinkedIn is one of the best social networking sites in the world and anyone who have been online for any length of time knows just how valuable it is to create a profile. Use your networking to help you establish a good reputation online. Create a blog, answer questions, and leave comments on other members’ profiles.
  • Create a profile that is relevant to the business. LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful networking site and you need to be aware of what other members have to say before you start building a relationship with them. People are often looking for a professional and relevant person to connect with and a well-developed profile will increase your odds of success.
  • Effective use of links. If you don’t get the first or even the second response from someone on LinkedIn, do not feel bad because it is probably because they weren’t interested in your profile. The best responses come from people who show interest and follow up on your profile. This will help keep your profile relevant and create a friendly, professional image.